Poker Delinquency

After many a bad beats and major suck outs. I have finally lost my head and starting to play like a teenager looking for an anti-social behaviour order – commonly called an ASBO.

These ASBO are given to individuals who are naughty and are designed to prevent the individual from doing harm to themselves and their community. They should have a specific offence for poker players to stop them losing money and then complaining that they other players are playing silly etc.

Obviously, bad play is bad play and should be encouraged in other players as much as possible, however, when you are the perpetrator of reckless and foolish play then it is time for a chillout of some kind or another. This is very had to implement as the person in trouble is a grown adult with all his/her faculties in order such as my self, although many others would beg to differ.

Therefore i need to be taken in hand, ideally by some woman in suspenders, and shown some serious corrective behaviour. I have been doing well on other investments but seem to lose any profits and more on the poker table. Even to the extent where I will enter games which are like 3 card brag but dumber.  

I guy i know has recently barred himself from the local bookmakers by signing a barring order. He then tortures himself by watching the various horse and dog races but cant put money on the runners because he signed an document telling the bookies he is suffering and needs to be bared! How wrong is that and for me that can never be an option.

Maybe I need a night out with characters like rapper Jay Z and friends who know how to rock a joint as seen in the video. Nothing beats a proper tear up as it gets rid of bad blood and energy.