Being An Idiot

I need to sit in the corner

I need to sit in the corner

I cant stop acting like an idiot! When I get onto a good thing I cannot help but push the self destruct button and ultimately act like an idiot.

This will not come as a surprise to some people as they ‘know’ that I am an idiot some time a go. What is galling for me is that, I know I am acting like an idiot.

The class example was after watching a donk play 6 2 unsuited and win a hand against K Q suited, I decided to get into a tangle with this guy. Of course he had 7 3 unsuited and I had A J suited. Obviously, he gets the straight. Now I knew that he was getting desperate and I knew the guy’s record, so why did I push him to go all in when I could have played nicely and get out of the hand when it became clear that I was going to lose that hand?

Another incident was yesterday when I was in mad head mood and decided to throw over a hundred pounds in a fixed odds betting terminal . Now as you can tell I hate these things with a passion, yet I did the most stupid act I have done for a long time and actually put money into these evil things. Yes i was bored, yes I had too much time on my hands, but what is a grown man doing putting hard earned cash into glorified one armed bandits?

Playing online poker is boring, betting on horses is boring, playing live poker is boring, watching football is going to get boring. So unless I can get my head straight and stop having reckless moments I will end up being a drunk as it is the only time that I do not do stupid things such as playing cartoon roulette machines connected to a central processing unit under the management of bookies who are as bent as any criminal known on planet Earth.