The Big Slick Formula

The big slick
The big slick

I have finally developed a formula for The Big Slick. Its not perfect but it will do for most situations. Pot = Seat x Blinds – Raise.

Therefore if you are on the button in a six seater table and the blinds are 10/20 and everyone folds to you then your bet should be 6 x 30 – 0 which equals 180. If you get called then you still have a chance to get out if you don not get the flop. If everyone folds then so be it.

If you are in the big blind position then your and 2 people called but no raises then your bet is 3 x 30 – 0 = 90. Hopefully no one wants to call and you win again.

If someone raises 3 times the big blind a standard raise and you are in a mediocre position say 4 then your bet should be 4 x 30 – 60 = 60 which equates to a call of the raise.

This formula is less complicated than the formula for Jacks (P =( 1/3S – C)/R) since Jacks is a really dodgy hands and the aim is to get people to fold thinking you have the Aces or Kings.

Try it out but do not be regimental about this formula as it is a guide and not the holy grail which the formula for Jacks is.

By the way this formula is for classic Texas Hold ‘Em. No responsibility shall or has been given for the use of this formula.