The Martingale Roulette System

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The roulette wheel gives better odds than most other form of gambling, especially bingosites, and with the relentless march to gather more punters who do not want  the arduous activity of ‘studying form’ as most successful undoubtedly do, there is a simple yet effective way of  betting using a system which can provide winners.

There is one big caveat and that is no system will provide you winners unless you are prepared to be disciplined. Discipline is the one thing all gamblers need on top of luck. So with those two important words on board here is the Martingale Roulette System.

The whole premise of the Martingale Roulette System is that eventually overtime all numbers will come out evenly. So if you play 1 number it should come out once every 37 times (using a European roulette wheel), therefore, if you play long enough then your number will eventually come out. But, as anyone who has played roulette will have noticed that this logic very rarely follow the actual results so what would you do to play the game?

You look for a dozen numbers that have not featured at all for a long time. For this example say the first dozen (1 to 12) have not featured at all in 10 spins then using the Martingale Roulette System you would place bets in this format. 

£1, £1, £2, £2, £4, if you have not won after the last £4 then go back to £1, £1, £2, £2, £4. If you still have not won then stop!

If you do win then go back to £1, £1, £2, £2, £4, once you have made 50% profit of your original stake then stop, leave the table and wait until you see another wheel in which a set of dozen numbers have not come out after 10 spins. If you have not had a win within the   10 spins that you did then again walk away it is not your night at all!

The whole premise of this system is that with a bit of luck you will get a run of  your dozen numbers which had not come out in a while. Clearly a roulette wheel has no memory so it cannot be relied upon to produce mathematically uniform results, but, as a way of using a system to bet on numbers it is just as useful as any other system. 

Always use a bank roll that is not pressure bankroll ie it is not next week mortgage repayment or food bill for the kids. This system will only be useful for those who are playing for fun and are hoping to catch a variance which will be in their favour. It is not a bank breaker as the house will always win due to their in built 3% advantage (for every £100 you bet you will lose £3 that’s why the bank will always win over time). The aim of this system is to get a a win and to keep it, then leave the table as the variance will soon go against you as it will always do.

You can use this system for other odds like those featured in the classic French method of betting on the wheel. If for example you choose to use ‘Jeu’ numbers as they have not come up once in 30 spins then bet £1.40, £1.40, £1.40, £1.40, £1.40, £2.80, £2.80, £2.80, £2.80, £5.60, £5.60 on those section. If not won then start at the beginning  £1.40, £1.40, £1.40, £1.40, £1.40, £2.80, £2.80, £2.80, £2.80, £5.60, £5.60. If still not won then stop and walk away! If after 22 spins you are losing 50% of your bank stop and walk away. If you make 50% profit on your original bank again stop and walk away.

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