Staked Poker Pimping

Staked Players

Staking Players Is Almost Like Pimping

Staking poker players is a subtle form of pimping. Basically you earn if your player earns and if he or she dosen’t perform then you will soon be in Poor Street. Most people treat the players as horses, hence the phrases ‘stable’, ‘horse’ etc, but, I tend to look at my players as business partner, since we are looking to make money together.

But there there are some people who look at staked players as ‘bitches’ and ‘hoes’. They have a very low opinion of staked players since they are effectively begging to borrow money so that they can enter a game. I have a theory why some stables have this approach and it is due to players running off with the money earned and basically stealing from the stable owners. Luckily I have never experience this but who is to say that it will never happen?

Buying and selling players can be a bit grubby as the player’s net worth is summed up in a price which on the whole is an expression of opinion of future earning power. I sold one player who went on to lose over £3,000! Lucky for me he lost most of that to another player which we managed to sign up, so in effect we gained double as we sold him for £1,200. A nice little earner!

In the end staking players is a art form. You c an try and minimise risk and sort out the wheat from the chaff, but it is down to subjective opinion whether a player will turn out to be a gold mine or a cash drain. The one thing that can be said is that one day a player you finance will make it big, but how much it will cost you is the big question. It reminds me of the joke -‘how do you make a million at poker? Start off with two million’.