Playing With Fire On A Green Baize

A young tree

Toby was like a young tree.


Tracey handed Toby the cup of tea. The police were still everywhere and looking at Toby hoping to get a reaction from the questions he was being asked. All Toby did was stay silent. He knew what he was thinking, the police knew what he was thinking. 

Big Al sat at the bar in the deserted pub, with a brandy in his hand.. The sweat was dripping from his forehead. He knew he went too far. Scaring someone is one thing, killing them is so bad for business he will need to pay out some serious wonga to get it cleared up.

His mobile phone rang, it was his contact in the police. ”Al, everything is cool, we have blamed it on some mental people who have admitted to throwing the petrol bomb because they were bored.” Big Al put the phone down, nice, he thought. Big Al took a large sip of the brandy when an unmistakable click of a cocked trigger sounded. Big Al looked around and saw Toby with a gun pointing at his head.

Toby had just purchased a gun from one of Big Al’s men, who didn’t know Toby, and Toby was now going to kill the bully, but he wanted some questions answered. “Why did my mom take a loan out with you?” Toby asked. “I don’t know” said Big Al ” she said something about looking after her boy and getting him something nice, now put that gun away before someone gets hurt”.  

Toby thought, and tried to remember. Ah yes the cue stick that his mother miraculously found in the loft that apparently belonged to one of her ex boyfriend. It must have been the item that she brought for him. He knew it was too new to be in the loft for any length of time and that his mother had not been out with anyone for ages. She took the loan out to get me the cue stick. If only I had arranged the pool game before the poker game my mom would still be alive. 

“Come on Toby, you do not want to do this. The police say it was those care in the community nutters that threw the petrol bomb into your house.” Straight away Toby looked at Big Al and in his head he thought how did you know this. Big Al saw it in his eyes and tried to make a run for it. BANG, BANG, BANG!

Toby slumped back into the chair and dropped the gun onto the floor. The blood was pouring from Big Al’s head taking over from the sweat. Dogs were barking and a police siren was getting nearer.There was no point running he did what he had to do and was prepared to face the consequences.

Someone else will take Big Al’s place but no one can replace his mother.