What Is On Your MP3?

What Is On Your MP3

What Is On Your MP3


The music you play is a major topic of today. Why, well a bunch of psychologist have come up with a theory that music which get stuck in our head are earworms which have there roots in childhood memories, repetitive listening and most interestingly stress.

When I see players donning on headphones, the first thing that comes into my head is that it is a cry for help, for people to stop the noise! A sort of hi tech primal scream to stop shouting or screaming that you did when you were young.

So if a player is manically searching for the equipment to stick in his ear, there is some screw up play he did and needs to hide away in a cupboard shouting ”la. la, la, la…”!

Conversely, a player may grab onto his headphones in a double bluff move. Pretending to be stressed when in fact he is happy with his play. Looking forward to some unexpected play that looks weak but is very strong.

So next time you’re playing and there is a guy sizing up his mp3 and fiddling around, chuck in a small talk question as to what they are listening on there headphones and watch the reaction.


If you want to take part in the ‘earworm’ experiment go to http://earwormery.com/ for further details.