The Magical Tipster Gets A New Challenger

Watch Out There's A 'Villan' About....!

Once upon a time there was only one main guy for tips and that was The Magical Tipster. MT as he was affectionately called  produced some monster bets on the old Yahoo website, such as two horses winning at 14/1 each to produce a combined odds of 224/1. He made a massive call on predicting that France would not win the FIFA World Cup 2002. In fact he told his avid followers to lay France completely – they went out in the first round without scoring a goal!

He then laid waste on other sporting bets, but then another phase came into being. He found a new stream for his thunderous investment. He killed the reality TV market, backing a high percentage of winners due to the fact that most youngsters did not know they were being usually slipped a ‘Micky Gin’ by the adults and this strategy worked for creating misery every place and hop.

The best moment came when the UK General Election produced an Hung Parliament and The Greens to get their first MP. Both came i n spectacularly and made a few people quite happy.

However the World Cup  2012 gave MT some of the biggest losers and led to the complete collapse of confidence, which was re-inforced with the legendary Paul the Octopus. (or Popul). While Paul was racking up winner after winner. MT was producing losers after loser including that Spain would not win the World Cup because they were ‘bottle merchants’ IE they are so rubbish and will ultimately leave  the competition with their tales between their legs.

Paul The Octopus later made a big  name uptil his untimely death. Some have said his death had something to do with his betting and the amount of money lost but this has always been denied. What was conclusive was that The Magical Tipster had lost his crown as the premier tipping weirdo ho somehow got results. His reputation has seen it’s most serious challenge from The Monkey Bet and now another challenger has emerged called The Villan (sic).

Check out The Villan’s first bets and compare them with The Magical Tipster’s choices.

Cheltenham, Thursday 15th March 2012.

1.30 Peddlars Cross

2.05 Buena Vista

2.40 Somersby

3.15 Big Bucks

4.00 Divers (Gilbarry ew)

4.40 Faasel