Dick Cheney Gets A Heart!

Dick Cheney - poster boy of the Neo-Cons

Dick Cheney, probably the most ridiculous looking anti-hero in modern politics got a new heart the other day. This led to jokes that he should have been given one ages ago, boom, boom. But as ever there is some truth in the joke. Dick Cheney represents everything that is wrong in politics and international affairs.

He is totally unapologetic to the mayhem and horror he caused because in his view he did what was best for his country and never mind the consequences. Clearly he was and still is wrong on so many fronts it is hard to list them all down.

I will only give a very brief view as to why Dick Cheney is a nasty piece of work. The fact that he clearly worked to keep out of the carnage that was The Vietnam War, gives you an insight into his thinking. It is similar to those who worship Ayn Rand and her nonsense theory called ‘objectivism’.  He does not want to put his life on the line but he will gladly put every other schmucks life on the line to save his.

David Icke and his ilk continuously go on about Lizard people and The Illuminati and if they exist then Dick Cheney and his almost comical perma-snarl would be a fully paid up member of these groups/breed.

His cartoon dodgy character persona is undeniable as he has been accused of making millions out of the Iraq war by giving contracts to organisations he had interest in. They basically stole the oil and other stuff from Iraq and he gained financially. 

His supporters will always turn around and say he did all this to protect his country but lets look at that. The 1st and 2nd World War never took as long as Iraq and the 2nd World War was fundamentally about democracy and the rule of law. Dick Cheney by fiddling with information and lying to his people manages to undo the basic belief that the US was always on the side of the good people. Killing 100,000 people to revenge the loss of George Bush presidency and to steal oil is not a good enough reason.

So by giving him a heart is a sign that he still works for his own interest. Why not give it to a younger person who may have 30 to 40 years ahead of them than to give it to a guy who has creamed the system for all its worth? Dick Cheney could have refused the operation as he has the money to find other methods, but you know its all about his ego and his greedy needs. Stuff the rest of the people his needs come first, always will.

Why the US put up with this I will never know. He must have stuff on those in power that scares the living daylights out of them. He is clearly a war criminal and a gangster. He may have the air of a back room office clerk but deep down he is a thoroughly obnoxious individual who knew what he was doing, and, should be made to account for his actions. Somehow I think he will get away with this and his apologist will call for a state funeral when he dies, making sure it will be full of pomp and circumstance befitting a favoured and much loved statesman. Oh how easy the masses can be fooled.