What Happens Now?


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The trial involving the people who are accused of facilitating payments to PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker in their online poker business has begun. John Campos and Chad Elie are up before the beak with Chad Elie now requesting a plea bargain to help reduce his sentence.

Chad Elie will now get between 6 and 12 months prison sentence. Pay $500,000 within two months, along with his interest in more than $25 million held in payment processing accounts in the United States and abroad. This seem like a very small price for what was called ‘money laundering’ and the organisation of a ‘ponzi scheme’.

John Campos is maintaining his innocence and will be tried in court.  

For a major thing to have happen it is amazing to see how quiet this trial has been. Unless you look hard enough you would not have known that one of the biggest stories ever to hit the poker world has happened. ‘Black Friday’ has changes everything and now we’re beginning to see the end game.

So far,  Full Tilt Poker has defended its executives and said it has suspended play for real money on its website in the United States but would continue offering gambling on poker in other countries.

Absolute Poker said it would continue its U.S. operations because “the U.S. Congress has no control over” its payment transactions, authorities say.

PokerStars said it has had to suspend real-money play to customers based in the United States.