Rubbish April Fool Jokes

Alex McLeish

OK it was a rubbish attempt at a April Fools joke to say that Alex McLeish – or as they say amongst Birmingham City and Aston Villa ‘Agent McLeish’ – was going to manage the Cuban national side after tough negotiations between the Pope, Scott Walker and Raoul Castro.

However given to how awful Mr McLeish is at managing a football team and how lucky he is to be in the right place at the right time, it is safe to say that when he finishes destroying Aston Villa as a football team no doubt that some other schmuck of a chairman will offer him a large amount of cash to ruin another football squad.

Which brings us to the other lame jokes that went out to the masses for the annual ‘lets see if we can catch out those who forget it is April Fools Day’ fest. 

The obvious one which gave me a laugh was the ‘Shaun Ryder going to government’ tale in which ex-Happy Monday front man was going to advise the cabinet on working class people etc. Somehow you could see this one happening as the country lurched from ‘cash for policy’ to panic petrol buying. 

The other one which stuck out was Ikea in Australia recalling all left handed Allen Keys. Which is a play on the classic joke of sending young apprentices out for ‘glass hammers’, ‘left handed screw drivers’ or soft scissors. 

So until next year do not believe that a football club can win a Carling Cup, get relegated, lose their manager to their biggest football rival and have their chairman arrested for financial irregularities, all in six months.