Golf Is Very Strange

Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson

Because The Magical Tipster is on a roll I thought it might be interesting to have a bet on the US Masters 2012. Not knowing anything about golf except it is played by badly dressed old guys. I literally followed MT’s advice. Well that payed off nicely and I made a profit before the tournament was over.

So now that I have spent a whole weekend following the thrust and weaves of the players doing what they do in Augusta Georgia, I decided to have a bet on a player with the most unusual name and went for Louis Oosthuizen. I nearly went for Bubba Watson since the tournament was being held in a place where they do  not accept female golfers as members! I suppose the guys that run the golf club don’t want the women to interrupt their household chores by playing golf.

The funny thing about the Augusta club is that the tournament is sponsored by IBM which is run by a woman and usually they give a membership card to the boss of the sponsoring company. Well this time they cannot as the female boss might break her nails and spoil the green with her high heels.

At this moment Bubba Watson and Louis Oosthuizen are in a death match to be the sole winner of the tournament. I now wish I had backed both but thats too late I fancy Louis Oosthuizen to beat Bubba! 

Oh dear Bubba has won this!

Next time I will just listen to The Magical Tipster and follow his advice and not try to pick the winners myself….