Why Playing Quietly Is Good.

A Straight Draw

A Straight Draw

Patience is a virtue in a cash game set up. Ideally sitting back and let your opponent do the running especially if they are all ‘loosey goosey’ is the perfect play in most format but especially nice when in a cash game. 

Playing in a ring game is almost akin to painting a picture. You create a scenario with your play and install the narrative, hopefully it’s whate leads you to winning.

I am not the greatest online cash player as I am too lazy to get one of those bots that measures a players game and let you know what to do to maximise your winnings against these players. So I tend yo gravitate to those anonymous tables where you can hit and run then come back as a different player.

It upsets the regular online professional but for me my losses have gone down and every now and then I make a profit. It sets me up to play my natural game which is online SnG’s.

Now live games is a different matter. I love playing live cash games as you can be more deliberate and again painting the picture, creating the narrative is an art form that is the real skill in this type of format.

So if your a noisy bugger such as your’s truly it is good to be a little bit quiet when playing cash games.