Bert Weedon Dies And Villan Comes For Seconds

Bert Weedon

Bert Weedon - Photo by Cliff Ballinger

The man who helped introduce Rock and Roll into the UK and wrote a book that launched a thousand guitarist died yesterday.

Bert Weedon – East End cockney rebel studio musician died at the age of 91. He has been credited for creating the sound that made Bristish rock musician extremely popular in the world from people such as Paul MaCartney to Eric Clapton from Adam Faith to Noel Gallagher have all been influenced by his teaching method and studio skills.

His self help book ‘Play in a Day’ was first published in 1957, went on to sell more than 2 million copies and although most people could not play in a day. It did lead to a lot of famous guitarist to take up the instrument.

Although famous for being a session musician and tutor he also had several hit album which included Rockin’ at the Roundhouse (1970) and 22 Golden Guitar Greats (1976), a No 1 that sold more than 1m copies. 

He leaves 2 wives , 2 children and several grand children and great grand children.


After the recent battering that the challengers took in the tipping contest between The Magical Tipster versus Villan, Satanic Bear etc. It was surprising that Villan wanted another bite of the cherry. So MT after much persuasion has taken up the challenge for the last big horse race meeting of the National Hunt calender – The Scottish Grand National meeting at Ayr.

Here are the Villan tips.

1.40 Bene Lad

2.15 Pure Faith

2.50 Edgardo Sol

3.25 Merigo, Fruity O’Rooney

4.00 Cucumber Run

4.35 Kings Grey

5.10 Red Harbour

5.45 Green Flag

Here are The Magical Tipsters tips for the competition

 13:40 – Pete

14:15 – Pure Faith

14:50 – Edgardo Sol

15:25 – Benny Be Good, Any Currency

16:00 – Cockney Trucker

16:35 – Gansey

17:10 – No loose Change

17:45 – Duke Of Navan

After deliberation from the judges Magical Tipster was estricted to only 2 choices in the Scottish Grand National race as is Villan.