Rupert Murdoch Is A Reptile, Apparently!

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch

According to people like David Icke we are controlled by reptiles and a gang called the Illuminati. If that is the case then Rupert Murdoch would be a reptilian Illuminati boss of bosses. Watching him give evidence to the Leveson Inquiry you would love to play poker with him knowing full well that he maybe 81 but he is as sharp as a knife.

Calling David Cameron’s son Ivan a ‘retard’ shows that he is not the most politically correct individual. He twisted the knife into Gordon Brown over the argument of his best selling newspaper supporting the Conservatives instead of Labour. It is going to interesting to see what he says about David Cameron. The reason why is that it was this government that initiated the collapse of the News Of The World and the buying of BSkyB. In Rupert Murdoch’s world getting in the way of business is a unforgivable sin.

The day also see the trial of Charles Taylor come to a climax and whether he is guilty of supplying weapons and support to rebels (Revolutionary United Front) in Sierra Leone in return for ‘blood diamonds’. The reason why this is significant is that Charles Taylor was president of Liberia at the time. Now since governments all over the world give support to rebels will this set a precedent for future international relations or is this just a show trial to clear the guilt of letting child soldiers and mass rape happen so that money could be made? In the scheme of things Charles Taylor would be a reptile as well. 

Finally, the case of Bo Xilai gets stranger and stranger. Bo Xilai is now being accused of running a wire tapping operation on several Chinese Communist Party people. This is on top of his wife Gu Kailai being charged with the murder of Neil Heywood who she is accused of having an affair with. 

Bo Xilain was seen as a high flyer if some what divisive, now with these major incidents it is clear that there is more than murder at play here. His brother has just resigned his position with a Hong Kong company due to allegations about their family lifestyle. Is this the reptilian Illuminati having a civil war?