Eating Food And Playing Poker

Beef Jalfrezi

Beef Jalfrezi At A Poker Table

Nothing worst than entering into one of those strange poker variance period, where you have no chance of altering the situation because you’ve been targeted as not having much luck – therefore all the normal fish decide to have a go and scare/win/bluff you of the pot – than to have some chatty no mark bending your ear while eating the hottest looking beef jalfrezi in the World!

Eating at the poker table has gone on for centuries. In fact the now humble sandwich was invented when the Earl (or was it the Duke) of Sandwich decided to get his butler (or slave) to put roast beef between two slices of bread, so, that he didn’t have to leave the gambling table. Hence all those type of food in which pieces of bread enclose some other item are named after that particular Earl (or Duke, or Baron….whatever)!

The thing is that the smell from this guy’s beef jalfrezi was obnoxious, and, although I do love a bit of very hot curry his curry and his eating of it was¬†inappropriate. The smell was like a pungent burned tyre. The guy was gobbling up as if it was going out of fashion. On top of his fierce eating habit, he was also talking incessantly about nothing in particular and giving a running commentary on EVERY HAND! At one point one of the guys told him to shut up, but, this only made him more of a ‘martyr’ to the art of poker banter and he carried on and on and on.

Then on the night in which I could nothing right ‘Hot Curry Geezer ‘ was getting two cards for the inside straight. Hitting his flush on the river. Basically winning the hands he needed to win and when he lost he was always lucky not to lose too much. Yes his game was almost perfect, but, it was also very lucky. It is funny how better you play when the cards are running for you.

I did nick some of his poppadom just to be annoying but he was OK with that. God I hope he had bad wind later on that night when he was in bed with his partner?

There should be designated break periods so that people can eat food. I have seen crisp being eat, lolly pops being sucked and almost full blown a la carte menu consumed at the table which is too much sometimes. So lets all stop eating stuff at the poker table. A drink is OK but food no!