Sit And Go’s Are Cool

Ace Queen In Texas Hold 'Em

Ace Queen In Texas Hold 'Em

Playing SnG’s is fun, especially when you’re winning! I am slowly leaving tournament poker for the format of SnG’s. I have not won a tournament for a while, although I have cashed a few times. With SnG’s I tend to do well finishing in the money majority of the time and my win ratio is quite high as well.

I think it is due to not playing as many tables as some of my opponents. It is quite clear at times that they are seriously multi-tabling and cannot really get into the ‘mood’ that I am in. Yes I still struggle to multi-task. I still do not use a software to play my online poker as it somehow feels dodgy and I have not got the inclination to use these cheating machines.

So while playing bots at SnG tables I still use my shock tactic of pretending to be a bot and to make irrational moves and moves that are irrational but are really quite sensible. This makes my play quite difficult to read and after a while I get to see what the bot has been set up to do. 

This is not giving out secrets as I have always been honest on how to beat robots, but it seems to work good at SnG’s but not at tournament or cash game poker. 

As a side issues have you noticed the amount of emails you get about the possibility for free credit to play at all sorts of weird and wonderful websites? I must admit I am sometimes tempted, although I have not gone through with any of them because I get scared that they are ‘fishing’ attempts to gain information on you as a individual.

How are the online gambling community going to regulate this mass ‘give away’ sales pitch? Maybe this could be the new task of…..