Tragedy At The Cotton Tree Inn

The Cotton Tree Inn

Tragedy was visited onto one of my favourite pubs in England last night. A man was shot at The Cotton Tree Inn in Droylsdon, Manchester and a further 3 were injured. A young lad was killed at around 1150pm according to Independent Television News. His family and friends will be devastated and undoubtedly there will be tales of lucky escapes.

The Cotton Tree Inn is a very small pub by normal standards but it had a great atmosphere especially in the mornings when the old boys and girls would drink and reminisce about the old days after doing there shopping. Met some wonderful people there and was helped out by one particular couple when things weren’t going right.

The pub could never be described as a goldmine and the owners were always struggling, however, I will always have memories of making a nice few quid while I was in the area. Sadly I suspect that this incident will finally close this grand old establishment.