Gamblers Paradise

Lucky Horseshoe

Up North in Manchester there is a place which is nothing short of being a gamblers paradise. A place South of Manchester in a village which is both picturest and busy. The establishment has all sorts of betting and gambling opportunities from darts to Eurovision, from ‘In For A Penny, In For A Pound’ to bonus ball lottery.

The games tend to be lucky games ie if your luck is in you win, but you can get a game of poker and brag if you want it. True there is nothing better to do and why would you want to do anything else? All the games are self regulating in the sense they are organised by interested individuals thereby the profit motive is somewhat limited for the operators, however, it does increase the fun element.

The locals have a very healthy attitude to life and are therefore willing to go for it. They work hard and play hard, they see life as a stage for enjoyment. Most of all they do not tolerate misery and hypocrisy.

This is my kind of town! Shameless but without the negativity of the program which seems increasingly to be mocking working class northern culture as opposed to celebrating working class people will to survive. In fact it is a shame that Shameless has gone down the road of being a wet tory version of the working and underclass. It did once have the vibe of a modern day ‘Dickensian’ format for the digital age. Instead it has become a ‘Walt Disneyesque’ take on people who lack ambition.

Anyway back to the ‘Gamblers Paradise’. As in any sweepstake situation some people will get extremely lucky and over the weekend one guy got very lucky indeed taking down two major prices for an outlay of only pennies. It turns out that he has had a lot of problems at work and the money will be very handy. Obviously some people took objection to the guy winning, but, in the end the nature of sweepstakes will always produce results that defy the statistical odds.

I like the place and attitude and hopefully will return pretty soon.