A Way Of Getting A Free Poker Stake

OK This is not a fool proof method and you’re likely to get into trouble with the local law enforcemennt officers. However, if you are desperate enough, dumb enough and highly motivated, here is a way to get potentially a free stake at poker or a free bet on the sport betting websites.

First make sure you have a child who’s age is just legally responsible and therefore capable of being naughty. Then let them buy stuff honestly with your credit card online. It must be a credit card because a debit card would take money away from your real account and therefore defeats the object of the exercise.

Next, get the child to play randomly on a fishy or overly tight poker website and get them to raise on hands that they think look pretty. The reason for this is that the poker website bot players will take time to work out how you play. If you double the money then stop and withdraw all the cash. If you lose the money then get the youngster to own up to using your credit card fraudulently. 

As it stands the child will not get into trouble and the banks will probably right it off. However, if they don’t, then sell your story to a newspaper and get your money back that way. Overall a win win situation.