The New Poker Totty Video Gallery

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We love our Poker Tottys! We believe them to be the best people in the world. If a picture could launch a thousand ships then our Poker Tottys would launch an armada. What can you say when the Poker Tottys aim to make everyone’s lives more bearable! Gawd bless ’em I say and lets have more happy people in the world playing or trying to play poker.

There is nothing wrong in playing or trying to play the noble game of rogues and vagabonds, but the enjoyment gets more pronounced when you’re playing against a lovely woman. There is something¬†exquisite about a female poker player. the word ‘sexy’ does not cover the sheer loveliness of a woman playing poker. Obviously losing to a pretty woman is just as bad as losing to a craggy face, hairy oaf of a guy its just a little bit sweeter when a gorgeous lady steals your chips.

Never underestimate a pretty face when playing poker. Many a man have discovered in the past that a skilful poker player wearing a dress and lipstick can cost you loads of money.

The first of the video catalogue feature some of the Poker Tottys of the past. Over the next few weeks more Poker Tottys will be featured.

Poker Totty Toni

Poker Totty Aaliyah

Poker Totty Gemma

Poker Totty Priscilla

Poker Totty Sahra

Poker Totty Natalie

Poker Totty Clare

Poker Totty Sky

Poker Totty Kimberley

Poker Totty Christina