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Roy Hodgson - England Manager

You would be a very strange person to count out The Poker Knave. Just when I thought there is no way of me going to the WSOP 2012 than someone has decided to take a bet from me of 200/1 for England to win the Euro 2012!

This is a must take bet, and, since I have already backed them at 14/1 to win it is a no brainer. The guy who gave me such generous odds is not to clued up on maths or odds. He is however, extremely lucky and has made these types of bets before. No I have £50 at 200/1 which will win me £10,000 (roughly $15,000 US). If it does come in then I wil have truly hit the jackpot.

The only reservations I have with this bet is that a) the guy was drunk and b) his missus will kill him if she finds out. She will probably kill me as well for getting him drunk and taken advantage of the guy as he cannot say no to a bet.

Technically there is not a problem concerning his wife, as she has had her own bank account for years. So the money he is risking his is own and anyway a bet is a bet.


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