Summer Solstice With Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds Over England

As I travel the land looking for the easy game where I clean up on the poker table and disappear into the night counting the cash and hunting out the next easy game. My mind turns to the so called summer we have been having over in the UK.

To put it mildly it has been rubbish!  There has been no long spell of weather which makes women want to take their clothes off in public. In fact it has been complete washout. We have even had snow in March for goodness sake!

Now we have reached the longest day of the year, it is down hill from now on and  there is no prospect of my favourite period – July/August has any prospect of changing for the better. 

Being stuck in a former mining village in the back of beyond could have been a problem except that they seem to be quite good at picking first goal scorers in Euro 2012. So far I have had 3 tips and all 3 have come in.  This has managed to keep my spirits up even though there has been a lack of free and single women.

Also on the betting front it seems our cup will runneth over in the next few days as The Magical Tipster and The Villan renew battle to see who can tip the most winners at the meeting. On the first day MT made a storming start with 3 winners at 1/10 (the one and only Frankel)a 8/1 and a 9/1. On the 2nd day he was joined by Villan who immediately came up with a 16/1 winner, nice! The Magical Tipster hit back with an 4/5 and a 4/1 but was blown away by Villan actually getting a massive price on his good thing.

What gets me is that since the world banking crisis is due to casino banking ie betting on bogus products and services, why didn’t the new Greek government just put the whole economy onto Frankel, thereby getting 10% return on investment and curing their debt crisis?

Maybe the bankers saw another good thing like destroying the Italian and Spanish economy so they can have a nice big yacht before the serfs, peasants and the proletariat realise they have been sold a pup and decide to burn the whole thing down and start again.

Anyway, back to the business at hand there will be a new video poker game for all those video poker players to play. It will be developed by friends of and will be ideal for our Australian friends to wheen them off those damn money grabbing machines. This is my big act of social responsibility and charity. I hope the karma I get will lead to me winning the lottery and getting some nice weather for a change.