PayDay Loans Are Evil

Cute Wonga TV Advert

There is a new craze sweeping Britain. It is about making money out of very gullible people. Something we should know is a little hustle here and a little hustle there, is quite good for people. But what this craze is doing is the systematic raping and pillaging of people who are so stupid that they are a danger to themsleves.

The craze is ‘pay day loans’, which is tantamount to asking King Herod to look after a child’s play group. Basically loan sharking is now a legal profession and is regulated by Al Capone’s long lost great great grandsons and daughters. Actually it is more like the Medici’s and Shylocks’ off springs than your common and garden gangsters. At least with gangsters there was no alternatives. With these modern day slave owners your mind is controlled by marketing men with evil intent. The weird thing about it, they do not hide that they want to screw you to the ground and impoverish you systematically. In fact I would go as far as to say that they are proud that they are ripping off people and the government let them do it because they own the party’s in charge.

How it works is that you give these organisations information that you are in work or in receipt of some monies. They then give you an advance on these monies and you pay them back a sum of money when you recieve the money promised. However, what really happens is that you get into a cycle of debt in which you pay anything from 1,500% to 4,000% per annum. These figures would make a loan shark blush with embarrassment, but it is perfectly legal in the UK and other places. These people aim to make you slaves to their greed by starting of with small sums and gradually increase it until they own your life completely.

The people who take out these loans are simpletons who have a lifestyle which is not reflected in their income and or gamblers. Gamblers are prone to this as they have an addiction which sometimes get out of control. I know a guy who took out a payday loan to have a bet on Ile De Re in the big race at Newcastle (John Smith’s Northumberland Plate (Heritage Handicap). The horse won at 5/2 so basically he tripled his money and can a afford to pay back the loan and not lose too much actual cash. Great bet and the service provided by the loan company was well worth the risk. but not all bets will win and this is where the problem will eventually catch up with gamblers. That’s why loan sharks have always had links with bookmakers. Payday loans apparently get rid of the physical abuse that came with loan sharks but beware of dodgy characters bearing gifts! Payday loans start of small but then they grow and soon it will be thousands you own. In the end they want to control your life. Thats why they take the risk and do not beat you up. However, as people wise up to these loan sharks and stop paying, trust me they will get the government to put pressure onto the victims to pay up or lose their liberty.

The loan shark which is very visible right now is, with it’s supposedly witty puppets and funky adverts. However, on closer inspection it is easy to see what is going on. The advert is aimed at the ambitious but lazy consumer who is probably on benefits and has a dysfunctional family, but a reasonably stable grand parents.  The advert uses phrases such as ‘…this is how we roll….‘  invoking an image of responsible outfit looking to be hip but not quite getting it, because they are too sensible and easily manipulated by a ‘street wise’ consumer. Since everyone is always looking to get one over a eager to please company the user friendly marketing has made this particular company loads of ….wonga, and, led to the company owner Adrian Beecroft to be given the job of drafting up employment laws for the ConDem government!

Obviously this led to some hilarity when the proposals that came back reflected a robber baron’s wet dream. David Cameron as quietly put it to one side until he can get a majority in a future election so that he can realise this ambitions. The Liberal Democrats in the coalition are beginning to look like chumps and are preparing to lose all but 10 of their MP’s as things like this do not square with the ideology of fairness.

So as gamblers it is your duty to resist these legal loan sharks and do not encourage them in getting into your mind set. They want to put you into indentured servitude. Leave it to the idiotic royalty wannabees and fashionistas. The sort of daft people who take out shopping credit cards and other schemes like Christmas clubs. Payday loans are like Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT), they are the spawn of the devil.