Refund For Poker Players On Full Tilt

Ray Bitar former CEO for Full Tilt Poker

Ray Bitar former CEO for Full Tilt Poker

Good news for all those online poker players who got their accounts and therefore money, frozen!  $184m  is going to be refunded in total and thats quite a bit of cash in these slow economic environment. The grief for Ray Bitar the former CEO of Full Tilt will continue as it does for 10 other people. Ray Bitar  could get a lengthy sentence if convicted.

The players who will get this timely refund will no doubt be grateful that this settlement has occured and at least Ray Bitar got this out of the way.  How quick will the punters get their money from the FBI and Full Tilt? Hopefully not too long as I suspect they will only get back cash that was in the account with no interest. Ah well something is always better than nothing.

In the meantime what do you think Nicole should do? Should she become a Poker Totty or should she learn poker before becoming a Poker Totty. Being able play poker is not a pre-requisite to become a Poker Totty, but, it does help. So let me know what you think?

Should Shy Nicole Become A Poker Totty?

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