Paul Ryan Is Not A Great Move

Paul Ryan

It is further evidence that Mitt Romney is a lousy poker player when he picked Paul Ryan as his Vice-President. By all accounts Paul Ryan is a Ayn Rand worshipping, policy wonky head. He eats breathe and sleeps politics! Yes, he looks like that nice guy down the road who runs the sub post office, but in his heart he is a rock hard extreme objectivist, who believes that society does not really exist and certainly there should not be any government social programs that would help for the poor.

Previously, I gave what I thought valid reason on why Romney is not cut out for politics. Politics is poker for sociopaths and althouth he maybe a sociopath he is not that deluded to want to believe everything he says. In this respect he is a bit like Obama but without the natural charm of someone who had to be charming to get ahead. So Romney tried to co-opt some charm and got Paul Ryan onboard to give him that charm. However, this then begs the question who’s policy will get to be on the table if Romney becomes President.

We have enough evidence of what Paul Ryan thinks. He would want to:  

1) Remodel Medicare to change it to a voucher system,

2) Gut the social safety net,

3) Give big tax cuts to the wealthy,

4) Have a balanced budget by 2040.

On the face of it no one sensible would want to vote for this as it looks like austerity for austerity sake. It is clear that it does nothing for the middle class and the poor, it certainly does nothing for the nation and it is ideology for ideology sake. Clearly a person who has no empathy for his fellow countryman  has drawn this up. 

So why is it been taken seriously? Well it is all to do with Paul Ryan as a person. He has puppy dog eyes and an easy smile. Basically he is the sort of person people feel comfortable having a drink with, unlike Mitt Romney who appears to be created in some robotic lab. He also has a back ground story which helps him with the sympathy vote in that his dad died when he was young and he had to grow up quickly. The fact that he used social security to help him grow up quickly does not help Ryan to realise that what was good for him maybe good for other people. Just like Ayn Rand his hero, who used social security and Medicare to help herself out when things got bad.

Objectivism or extreme selfishness, is OK when your health and strength is great but when things go wrong or your luck runs out for you, it has about as much use as a rabid dog in a school yard full of kids. The Paul Ryan Plan allied with Mitt Romney’s dodgyness when it comes to tax clearly cannot be the choice of the US this November. Why would the vast majority of the nation (95% of the population) go out of there way to make themselves more poor for the sake of making themselves poor? It absolutely makes no sense whatsoever!

The only way Romney and Ryan can win this is if the left and progressives go mad and start to demonstrate in a nasty way to Paul Ryan. He is a consummate campaigner and knows how to charm people by making them believe that he has their interest at heart with soft soap selling and diversion from the real agenda. The guy is dangerous! If Newt Gingrich of all people can call his ideas ”right wing social engineering” you know there is something fundamentally wrong with his idea.