Pot Makes You Stupid


Cannabis not only makes you paranoid it also lowers your IQ if they are teenagers apparently! So what is clear now, all those poker players who smoke weed and play poker will be easy to roll in 20 – 30 years time, Result!

Weed has always been associated with rebels and non-conformist, but, with the advent of skunk weed which is super strength and contains psychotic chemicals it is as obvious as obvious can get that smoking heavy weed is not good. Yes you will get a buzz, but you will also get dodgy mental felings which will send you to a dark place.

The days of passing around a joint and having the giggles of some TV cartoon are over. The weed being sold now are aimed at sending you into a psychedelic trip world. A world where people actually read Ayn Rand and try to enact the nonsense philosophy of a misery gut and anti social twit.

Taking weed when you’re an adult does seem a rather silly hobby. It is like drinking every day and your body gets used to the drug so you need more to get that buzz, or even to maintain that ‘level’.

Getting in touch with your hippie side is a good idea but it needs to be backed up by musicians who know the genre. Smoking weed can have benefits for loads of people, but it is not me showing my age if I said that the THC is far too high at the moment and being in second while the market gets settled needs to be had. 

So poker players who do not appreciate the finer points of smoking weed while playing poker, will be sad that although’s young bucks like to smoke weed before, during and after a game will need to shape up as their IQ will be lowered.