Jeremy Hunt, How Lucky Can You Get?

Jeremy Hunt

You’re either lucky or you have some damaging photos, but, for someone with a resume which look like it was written by the Monty Python¬†scriptwriters, it says a lot about their luck. After the debacle of ‘Hackgate’, the Leverson Inquiry and of course BSkyB saga to then get a promotion to head of an organisation which you hate with a passion is saying something profound. No wonder he looked absolutely delighted with himself.

Never knock a survivor! Jeremy Hunt is a survivor and he must be seriously in place to be the next Conservative leader. David Cameron is taking a chance on Jeremy Hunt not creating a crisis in the Conservative’s party weakest area – the NHS. Privatising the NHS after the Olympic display of love for the institution is a bold move. Especially putting someone who is a seen as a laughing stock and probably too right wing to be in favour of the a national health provision, except for people who are destitute or to poor to fund private health care.

This will either make Jeremy Hunt or break him forever, but for most people he looked completely broken a few months back and therefore shocked and surprised that the man has another shot. Like I said never underestimate a survivor.