Online Poker And The POTUS 2012 Election

Harry Reid - head honcho in the Senate

It looks like that any meaningful legislation, legalising online poker in the US is going to have to wait until the elections on November 6th are over. The bi-partisan committee led by the softly spoken, but, deadly Harry Reid is having trouble getting the Republicans to support a joint effort to move ahead with legal and regulated online poker.

It seems more and more the US is going to have one of those transformational elections where the destiny of the country and geo-politics has a defining moment. 

Politics is poker by another name. You not only play the hand that you are given, you hopefully make a bigger profit by the end of the session, but, you play your opponent. Look for weakness and strengths, play on their weakness and defend against their strengths. Clearly it looks like an Obama victory and with victories comes the spoil. So the Republicans are hoping to diminish the incumbent President by being  juvenile and being against anything that Obama is for, even if the Republicans agree with it!  

Not supporting a desire to make legal a major cultural reference from a country that is supposed to defend freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Poker is the rugged frontiers lifestyle writ large. Your mind and your chips go to war, just as the pioneers where pushing the boundary of a nation state in the young republic. Poker is a game of skill and the US government and legislators must recognise the fact and regulate the online game, as it will also help make worldwide online poker more respectable.

At the moment Obama is so far a head in the sense that Romney is really way out of his depth for President. Getting 1.40+ is a damn good price on Obama. The only problem is if Obama was assassinated or he was to be caught with an 18 year old rent boy, basically something really bad happened, then he may lose.  At the moment nothing like that is out there, but. as someone once said ‘….there are unknowns that we dont know we dont know…’

Romney has made another complete fool of himself and show’s the Republicans are about to go into nuclear war with Obama and amongst the GOP elite . I have had a sneaky bet on Paul Ryan getting the nomination because Romney could pull out! Do Romney and his family want to be messing up any political capital they once had? I just have a feeling that Ann Romney could be a major player in his decision to stay in the election. Basically I have pot odds to go for an inside straight and I have had a bet on it. You never know!