Not Joining The Dots

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton with bare chested ladies

The royal palace solicitors never really thought it through did they? On the day they are trying to get the French paparazzi and publishers fined. imprisoned etc, the royal couple were greeted by bare chested ladies and Kate found it very funny. OK what is good for the goose is not always good for the gander, but, finding bare chested ladies funny is just what the French publishers has done.

Clearly, the rights of privacy comes into play, but, to the ordinary punter a celebrity with their bits out is no different to a cultural expression in which nubile, bare chested ladies offer tokens of good will and fertility to a VIP. Back in the day this issue would not have seen the light of day, the photographer would have been brought off or shot, to avoid a diplomatic incidence. Now we will have a trial by media and advertisement in which the royals will win but the publication will get the money.

 With the Italian magazine ‘Chi’  now publishing more nude photos it seems the media frenzy is about to go into nuclear warfare. This will ultimately lead to a European wide privacy law which will upset the Euro-sceptics in the UK as they hate anything to do with Europe and not the archaic rights of the individual to take their top off in a private residence away from photographers on the make.

The European elites will love the privacy laws as the economy gets more and more skewed towards the rich 1%. This means that investigative journalism will struggle to expose corruption amongst the ivory towers. As was is being seen in the Leveson Inquiry the press has been over indulgent in criminal activity and not for the right reasons of speaking truth to power, but to quench the appetite of celebrity hungry  media whores. Now it seems that we are on the verge of a European wide privacy law which will suit the celebs but not the ordinary public who will not have the finance to make sure that justice is done.