Political Cassandra Strikes Again…Maybe!



On August 30th 2012, I made a bet that Paul Ryan could be the Republican nominee for President of The United States of America! A bit of a wild call, but I backed it up by betting £2.86 at 879/1, which is basically the price of a pint. 

I then compounded my views with a piece on Ann Romney and the look she had on her face after the infamous speech by Clint Eastwood and the empty ‘chair‘. It was clear to me that Mitt Romney was not going to run a campaign based on policy, he was running a marketing campaign in which Mitt Romney was a brand and he was saying his brand was better than Barack Obama’s brand. The chair incident made it clear that the Romney brand was not enough and he was going to have the biggest failure of his life and Ann Romney definitely did not want to be on that side, hence the look.

Most of the people I know who follow U.S politics in the U.K laughed and said I wasted a ‘beer token’ on a non-event. However, someone unexpected came to my defence and publicly called for a Paul Ryan/Marco Rubio ticket for the 2012 election. William Kristol the conservative writer said in a articleA Note on Romney’s Arrogant and Stupid Remarks”  that Romney should step down and let Ryan-Rubio ticket go forward to the election for President 2012!  If this guy is talking like this, then those within the Republican/Grand Ol’ Party establishment must also be talking about this and this has been backed up by someone taking a huge chunk of bets at 149/1 and better.

Having laid some off so that I can get my ‘beer token’ back (the princely sum of £2.86) I am now sitting on a potential £1,600+ profit if the most devastating political act was to happen. If it did happen then it would create ructions and an upheaval that could put Ryan in the Whitehouse as the Republican base would be so fired up as they would have the first ‘objectivist’ in the Whitehouse.  Amazing times indeed!