You Like Westlife


I do not know when Westlife became a swear word but every where I go the phrase ”…you like Westlife…” is used as a way to say that you are silly or stupid. I first became aware of it when the they announced that they were going to split, then, it started to become a generic term used by people of a certain age (ie over 30’s). I suppose it was in response to their crushingly ‘middle of the road’ style which seemed to be aimed at suburban housewives who grew up with them from the time they were teeny boppers being exploited by Simon Cowell.

I staarted to use it more and more when playing in a little pub league which had loads of young guys who constantly wore head phones and dark glasses, pretending to be in deep thought and concentration, while listening to the latest dub step or even worst the latest Nicky Minjah. My use of  ”…you like Westlife…” at first confounded them then annoyed them when they also heard other people using it it.

It has probably lost it stinging bite of satire due to becoming over used such as the phrase ”you’re gay” which is used by teenagers to say someone is useless. But at the time it was an interesting phrase to use while playing poker.