Trading With The Magical Tipster

Sometimes you don’t have to win a competition to win money. Take for instance The Magical Tipster’s tip on backing the draw in the Ryder Cup yesterday. MT predicted that the rankings on all players was pretty close between the United States and Europe’s players so take a position of backing the draw with a view to lay off and making a profit.

Well guess what happened you could have layed off at 1.4! A massive result considering that Tiger Woods gave the last hole to Europe leading when he could have potted the ball and secured a draw. The reason he gave it to Europe was that he knew that the draw meant that Europe had kept the cup and therefore his game was academical. 

In betting terms it was a disaster for those who betted on the draw since they lost their bet. That’s why MT said back the draw then lay it off to make a profit ie bet on Europe and United States when their price become bigger because the draw price became smaller. I believe MT laid off at 6 or 5/1 I laid of at 8/1 because I was so glad to have got my money back after it seemed that the US had ran away with the tournament. 

With the US winning 10 – 6 the price of the draw went out to 25/1 some brave souls such as MT had further bets (I have been informed he had a further bet at 18/1).  Then game the come backs of all come backs and Europe not only made up the difference but went on to win it. An amazing result!

So with this result it looks like MT has more than covered his losses on a rather disastrous Cambridgeshire meeting in which he had loads of seconds (including his big tip of Classic Colori – in the Silver Cambridgeshire – which was tipped each way and was only pipped on the line by the favourite when it looked like winning) but few winners.

Anyway, back to business it is going smoothly for the launch of PokerKnave live streaming and announcements will be made soon on the first venue. We are still looking for more venues so drop us a line if you know of any <CONTACT>