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Jimmy Saville totp

Jimmy Saville on Top Of The Pops

There you go from hero to zero in 12 months! Jimmy Saville stop being a saviour of charity events to a nonce, peado and probably the most evil man ever to walk the show business boards. More tales are coming out of him having the run of hospitals because he was Jimmy Saville.  He is linked to the shocking events which happened in the children’s home in Jersey. The police are saying at least 30 sex abuse cases are being investigated.

There is one guy who first brought to my attention that all was not right about Jimmy Saville and that was David Icke the man who cornered the market in turquoise track suits and claimed to be the ‘Son of God’! On his really amusing website he claimed that Jimmy Saville raped his way across the UK and was protected by some very powerful forces.  This situation maybe true and it is a pity it has taken a year after his death for all this to come out….if it is true of course?

The other conspiracy is that the ‘Jimmy Saville’ incident is further evidence that the Murdoch Empire are still not happy with what went on with the Milly Dowler phone hacking situation and still want to take down the BBC. The Jimmy Saville sex allegations has given the Murdoch press the necessary opening to give the BBC a good kicking for letting the alleged crimes to continue for so long. They even claim that it is the BBC’s ‘culture’ which allowed these horrible thing to carry on and that the BBC’c culture will always allow these types of things to continue.

At every opportunity the Murdoch press will include the BBC in any report about sex allegations. It is a way of softening the public for the onslaught that Rupert Murdoch and his supporters in the government are preparing to launch on the whole concept of public broadcast. Yes the BBC is a strange beast, but, it is the first place of call for any major event that happens.  Milly Dowler is OK but it has adverts. Yes the BBC is some weird mixture of Victorian paternalistic socialism. A relic from another time when people wore dining suits to dinner and decamped into a the drawing room in a lounge suit etc etc.

For £2.79 per week you get to have a reliable service without adverts. Loads of radio and online material with the caveat that it is un bias. Obviously there is a bias but at least that bias can be challenged and the bias is very small and very class based which will change over time. With Sky you get a broadcaster which maybe biased, constant adverts and it ain’t cheap. So the Murdoch’s are having a nice day  attacking the BBC as well as Jimmy Saville.