I’ve Lost My Bet On A President Ryan

Paul Ryan

My totally speculative bet on Paul Ryan being the nominee that faces Obama on November 6th. With Mitt Romney looking like a loser and Ryan being the right wing sweet heart, my bet at the time looked great…until the debates and it has all gone ‘kaputt’.

First Obama looked like he wished he was on a date with his wife for their anniversary rather than debating the finer points of  US foreign policy with Mitt Romney. Then, today Paul Ryan got smacked by ‘Ol Joe Biden’.  Joe Biden was supposed to be trounced by political wonky Paul Ryan. Instead Biden literally slapped Ryan around and made Ryan make silly mistakes.

Ryan got involved in abortion, stimulus and Medicare and lost the debate. He may have won in the argument about Libya but saying a war with Iran is a good idea will not go down well.

Therefore the £1,600+ I would have won is now going to sit there until November 6th 2012 when Obama or Romney become President. Luckily I managed to trade out and made £0.06p on the trade anyway so it was a free bet.