Too Late Obama…!

Romney v Obama

Romney v Obama - part 2

Obama won the debate in New York, but it is too late for my extra-ordinary bet on Paul Ryan taking over the Republican nominee and then winning the Presidential election 2012.  President Obama just did not take the first debate seriously and allowed Mitt Romney to come out with all sorts of fantasy statements and win the debate. This time after giving Romney a lifeline in the last debate, he finally skewed Romney over ‘Act of Terrorism’  statement, equal pay and of course the 47% thing.

I could not believe that it was Romney that presented a open goal for the President to tap in the ball and score points on the 47% remark. Up till then the Obama supporters were overloading Twitter with appeals for him to bring up the 47% thing. Then Romney jumped right in and brought it up himself in his last statement. It was unbelievable!

So what happens now? Well there is one more debate and time for Romney to try and duff up Obama over Libya. Some how I think that all those who have not decided are so small that it will be down to who can get their opponent to make a major mistake. Since both guys are good debaters and nimble on their feet, this election will be down to who can get the vote out most effectively.

As for a bet, I cannot have anything as the markets are pretty accurate in my view. Oh for the days of trading on Rick Santorum and the 300/1+ bets. But you never know Romney in Ohio and Obama in North Carolina are still possibilities.