Sylvia Kristel Dies

Sylvia Kristel (28 September 1952 - 17 October 2012)

After the 60’s social revolution came the emergence of women who were comfortable in their own skin and did not mind being assertive in their pursuit of sexual gratification. Sylvia Kristel who died today comes into that category. 

She was famous for the infamous Emmanuel series of films and also her forth right views on sexuality and the use of drugs. To say she had a troubled life would be an understatement. She recalls being sexually abused by an elderly man when aged 9 and she was always involved with men who seemed to replace her father who left her family to live with another woman. 

She had an addiction to cocaine which did not help and made some very bad commercial decisions which left her in financial difficulties. However, she also showed great bravery and fortitude when she battled cancer in her later life.