No Trick And No Treat

Scooby Doo Halloween Night

Hey the WSOP 2012 is on! For those outside of the US you can see it online, but, I guess that it is not breaking any viewing records as this seems to be the most invisible WSOP (World Series Of Poker) I have ever witness.

As of 10pm GMT six people have been culled and it is down to 4 to battle it out for the coveted award. I think I will leave the web streaming out as I cant even remember who is in it.

One of the reason for my lack of excitement is the elections which is fascinating and has taken priority, and, also now with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy there is a lot on the mind of most people, as it should be.

Today I just witness why Mitt Romney was such a pariah in London, where he tried to p*ss all over the London Olympics. He said he cancelled his campaign and was holding a rally to help the people hurt by the hurricane. He set up stalls to collect tins for the victims. However, the Red Cross don’t want tins they want blood and money.

He further enhances the crassness of his ‘support’ by handing out campaign literature and refusing to answer questions on why he wants to get rid of the central co-ordinating committee which is called FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and wanting to effectively privatise emergency help! The guy has no shame!

Anyway enough of Mitt the Twit back to poker. Since I will wait for the edited highlights of the WSOP 2012 it means that I had the opportunity of going to visit the lads and lasses at ‘The Nerve Centre’ for the Halloween Poker night. However, that has been cancelled because of ill health and other matters.

This means I have to take part in the usual run of the mill Halloween ‘party’ and be surrounded by greedy children looking for expensive sweets. So unless something dramatic happens it will be lose of money on sweets and a very late evening of online poker…’citing!