Introducing Poker Totty Shahna

Poker Totty Shahna

Poker Totty Shahna

Winston Churchill once said of USSR (Communist Russia) that it was a a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, This could be said of new Poker Totty Shahna Emesis. As you will notice in her interview she has some very interesting ideas and pastimes. The thing is she is clearly a typical Poker Totty. Welcome Poker Totty Shahna Emesis!

Do you play Texas Hold ‘Em or Omaha?

Poker Totty Shahna in a corset

Texas Hold ‘Em

What was your biggest win at poker?

The greatest hand I ever played was a royal flush when I was 16. I was playing for pennies outside a coffee shop.

What is your daytime job?

I clean cabins at a camp park.

How would you describe yourself physically?

Cute, and a little round around the edges.

Which designer do you admire?

I don’t know anything about designers.

When did you decide that modelling maybe a career for you?

People have been telling me to model all my life- if there’s money offered, I model.

Poker Totty Shahna in smiling

Who are your favourite models?

I love shock models- my all time favourite is Messy Stench.

What is it about Messy Stench that you love?

I love Messy because she is Dirty with a capital D. She even sells her used toilet paper!

What sort of music and artist do you like?

Old school rock and roll. Right now Skynyrd is my favourite.

Do you have any hobbies?

I sew clothing, and I like to buy and sell online.

What is your favourite entertainment?

Music and beer on a porch.

Poker Totty Shahna standing against the wall

Which cuisine do you prefer?

American food would have to me my favorite.

If you had a choice would it be a Prada handbag or a Jimmy Choo shoes?

I guess the shoes, I have a bit of a thing for sexy shoes.

Which city would you like to be in and why?

Any city at all, as long as it’s in Hawaii. The climate there is probably the best thing in the world.

For a bit of topical insight, Romney or Obama?

I’m for Romney all the way. Some people think that’s weird, but I think our economy would flourish under the Mormon influence, and right now, jobs are way more important than the rest of it.

Poker Totty Shahna looking great