…And That Was That

Barack Obama 2012 victory speech

Barack Obama 2012 victory speech

Thank god the USA step back from the brink of insanity where there was legitimate rape, parallel universes and 47% of people who are not worth bothering about. Poker Totty Michelle G was the winner amongst the political Poker Tottys. Her choice of Barack Obama was bang on the money although Poker Totty Shahna came closer that I personally thought of being the winner.

However, the big time winner is Nate Silver who predicted the election right down to how many electoral college each candidate would get and who would win each state.  In my view he can now write his own check when it comes to using polls to determine political debate although I am still reluctant to use solely statistical analysis as the question asked can elicit the answer required. With that in mind Nate Silver was challenged by the might of the Republican machine including Karl Rove and he won big time!

With the US election out of the way, now we have the Chinese process in picking the new leader and the stark difference in how the process of picking the new leader is amazing. In China no one outside the Communist party leadership really knows what is going on. There was believed political machinations when Bo Xilai and his wife Gu Kailai got involved in murder of Neil Heywood and political corruption….apparently!

This ‘election’ in China is just as important to the World as the election in the US so we will await to see how the personalities will emerge to run the World for the next 4 to 10 years.

Funnily enough there is a ‘Chinese’ style election going on within The Church of England with a pile of money being poured on Justin Welby to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury. It seems even in the realm of spirituality, insider trading is just as prevalent as it is on any reality TV betting market.  

By the way, what is it with Florida that they cannot do a simple task like holding an election? The clear attempt at voter suppression has gone too far and it is about time that the sensible citizens within that state do something about this immoral acts. As this post is being written a full day after the election has finished Florid still have not declared a winner!!!!