Poly Styrene, former singer of X Ray Spex has died

Poly Styrene

The beautiful poly Styrene former singer of X Ray Spex was dead on last 25th April 2011. X-Ray Spex was the punk band in 1970s. Poly Styrene was the founder and lead vocal of the famous band. She has been dying for her long breast cancer which has been speeded to her spine. He was beautiful having a soft incomparable voice. She also fought for the women and for germ free adolescences.

Small biography of poly Styrene: The stage name is poly styrene of Marianne Joan Elliott. She was famous with the name Poly Styerne. She had born in 3rd July 1957. She was a British Musician, songwriter and singer. But most famous was she was the founder of X Ray Spex and punk rock music. She was born in Bromley, Kent and raised in Brixton London. Her mother brought her alone and she was a Scotish legal secretary and her father was an aristocrat in Somali.

Early life: Marianne was a bare foot hippie at her teenage. When she was only 15 years old she ran away from home keeping only $3 in her pocket. She thought that it was a challenge for her life and accepts it. She has fought a lot for becoming famous. When she was only 19 saw the performance of Sex pistol and thought that anyone can do anything what the person wishes. Then she forms the X Ray Spex and start singing.

Carrier life: poly Styrene first recorded her song with the producer Ted bunting. It was a demo version. At that time she was only 16 years old. Then she released her first reggae, single Silly Billy, what a way. After watching the gig by sex pistol she gives an ad on newspaper to form the X Ray Spex and she called only the young women of that age. She wore dental braces and for this she was called the archetype for the modern feminist punk.

Music life: she performed many stage performances as well as many recorded albums. In near about 1980 the original version of x ray has broken up and then she has recorded the solo album Translucence. In 1983 while living in Bhakivedanta Manor she has initiated to record her albums in her own recording studio. Then in 2007 she was invited to the concrete jungle festival where she along with others she has celebrated the 30 year anniversary of X-Ray Spex.

Struggle life: Poly Styrene had a strong life for the right of women on that time. For her work she was termed as a feminist at that time. She was on the side of germ free adolescences and for getting the right of women with men. Poly styrene was also raised her voice against racism.

Death: death is the finishing of human being but it is not true for all people. She had died on 25th April 2011 and it was known from that she was suffering from breast cancer and it was spread to her Spine and lung.