Sarkozy As A Poker Player

Nicolas Sarkozy

Poker is a game of card and Nicolas Sarkozy is a player in politics. So the two things are not actually same. In real life the two things don’t match with each other but they are in one sense that both the politics and playing card depend on luck. So that from that point of view we can say that Nicolas Sarkozy is also a poker player.

What is poker? Poker is a game of card and it is played between two or more players. The game totally depends on luck. One has to bid money on board depending on own card. Here no one can get the chance to see another’s card. When the bidding of every person has finished then the highest top card person will win all the money on board. The poker is a game only for the persons having courage.

To play poker one has to courageous as well as should have to be brave. The person having soft mentality can not play good poker.

Nicolas Sarkozy: Nicolas Sarkozy was the president of France from 16th May 2007 to 15 may 2012. He was the 23rd president of the French republic. He has born in 28 January 1955 in Paris. Before becoming president of France he becomes the parliament member and worked hard for the benefits of the people of France. Then he wants to become the prime minister of France and got the nomination from the party. Before becoming the Prime minister he was the Mayor of a wealthiest city of France.

Life during prime minister: During the time period of Nicolas Sarkozy he maintained strong foreign affairs with the United States and United Kingdom. At that time he has to face the late 2000’s financial crisis followed by racism and debt crisis. But he could manage the entire thing with his own and maintained good foreign relations with the other countries. When succeeded by new prime minister then he retired from his political life.

Nicolas Sarkozy as a poker player: Though Sarkozy doesn’t play poker with cards with his hand but in another view he played poker with the mentality of people. He was the president of France. He was in politics from the age of 23. At that age he was a member of city councillors and since then he becomes the prime minister of France. Without playing poker in political life he can’t be in the position where he is. He can treat the public sentiment in the way how they can be on the side of him. He becomes the president preceded by Jacques Chirac.

Nicolas Sarkozy doesn’t play poker with his hand but he has played it with his brain in the field of politics. He is not a looser actually. He wins in the bidding and also he has to lose at a stage. Although it is true for all players that everyone has to loose at a time. But he has started winning from his early life. So Nicolas Sarcozy is good poker player I should say.