Do We Need Cards To Play Poker?

The Brain

X-Ray Of The Brain

Poker is all about managing risk and luck and thats all! If you can get someone to do something ithat they were not going to do,then tha is even better. This is the difference between a winning poker game and  a losing one. If you and the rest of yopur opponent have all got the numbers right and understood them, then it is dealing with the tells and non-tells of your opponent/s. Some call it running the table, some would call it leadership.  Whatever you call it, the best person at it, is the person/s that will walk away the winner.

This is not some sort of metaphysical theory it is all based on facts. Just as in football the league table never lies, the same can be said of those who constantly show more profit than the other players. So unless you are up at the top of the poker food chain you are not a good poker player. However, there is always a chance of getting those 5  cards that give you th nuts winning hand and therefore give you the chance of getting on the ladder to the top. An ambitious person will always strive to get on that ladder. I think they call it The American Dream.