Nearly Christmas Time…Again!

Arn’t you happy about reaching the time of year when you get ripped of like a banking customer? Fox News may have saved Christmas in their faux way of setting up straw men to save, but at least they are honest and say it will help protect the consumer market. Therefore I and others have decided we are going to milk Christmas for all its worth. 

So help us in our mission and book us for some event we wont need much just cash, food and drink. If you have any good looking sisters so much the better. In return we will make your Christmas and New Year unforgettable. We will be available for parties, reunions, break ups, divorce, you name it we are up for it, and, we wont charge the Earth just enough to keep everything afloat.

If you want a dry sober webcast or webinar yes we will do it. Just remember we will actually charge you for this unless you decide to have some fun. Itg maybe juvenile or silly but this is how we feel. We are being sold a whole lot of stuff by a flying fat guy who never existed and is only there to help the marketing of a religious festival that is 3 months late. Apparently Jesus was probably born in September. The only reason we use December the 25th is that it was the Romans all gods day and the Christians in those times were not persecuted on that day.

So there you have it, let us liberate your festive season with a truly unforgettable experience.