Rupert the Great – How Rupert Murdoch ran the World

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch is an Australian according to his born. Murdoch is a famous name now days from different angles. He was on the top of the news for many times in his life. He runs many news papers and journals and he is a media personality. In 2011 he was on involved in the news for the scandal of hacking the phone calls. He has tried to rule the world in his way.

Rupert Murdoch: the full name of Murdoch is Keith Rupert Murdock. He was born on 11th March of 1931 in Melbourne of Australia. But after that he didn’t stay there for long time. In 1951 he got the ownership of a news paper named News Limited. Then he moved to another country and enhances his media. From 1950s to 1960s he expands his media in various places in Australia and New Zealand. Then in 1974 he goes to America and published newspaper there and gets the citizenship there in 1984.

Activities in Australia & New Zealand: In Australia and New Zealand he had many activities including publishing newspaper and many political activities. Murdoch is the pioneer of many newspaper there among them The Journalist, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mirror, The Adelaide, The Daily Telegraph are important. Murdoch is the founder of the present National Party of Australia. Rupert is also very much Famous in Australia as for his political Participation.

Activities in United States: In 1974 Rupert has moved to USA and got the citizenship there in 1985. Then he was the CEO of the press council of USA and also published many news papers there. He started to purchase the San Antonio Express News in 1973, and then he founded the Star, The Super Market Tabloid and many other news paper and journal.

Activities in Asia & Europe: in 1993 Murdoch bought the ownership of Star TV and started the telecast in more than thirty countries in Asia. Murdoch also got the ownership of the television channel name Star Italia. But certainly he can’t continue the deal of telecasting in Europe as well as in Asia.

Scandal 2011:  the scandal 2011 is one of the most important scandals among all others in the world. In July 2011 the news paper News Of the world has been stopped because of hacking. It published the voice of us president and former president. The Guardian also closed for this.

Rupert Murdoch is a very powerful man and he tried to rule the whole world through print media