Just Missing Out

George Osborne

I was once in a game of pub poker when in my very first hand I was in the big blind and I was dealt with a pair of 7’s. There was a small raise, I called and the flop produced 7,7 and a king. Happy days!

There were 4 people in the hand and the person who raised went all in, I called leaving me all in but I was happy. We turn over. A pair of kings for my opponent. The turn produces  a 3, and inevitably the king on the river appeared destroying my hand and kicking me out of the tournament. 

Well yesterday showed two such moments: George Osborne missing his economic targets and a person who purchased a lottery ticket in Hertfordshire missing out on £64 million winnings.

I bet you there were loads of people who put in a claim for having lost the winning ticket. Apparently, you do not have to have a physical winning ticket to claim the winnings. Sometimes you can pick up the money by telling Camelot t- the lottery owner ,, where and when you brought the ticket. However, possession of the ticket will almost always be the most important criteria.

Anyway, no one has picked up the winning and it goes to ‘good causes’, whatever that means.

With George Osborne, he apparently won the debate about him not reaching his economic target when the opposition did not give him a kicking. Well sometimes you let your opponent do the running. I was more than happy to play my hand ‘wrong’. I am getting great odds on him not hitting his king. Leaving George Osborne as chancellor is a good bet that he will be unpopular in 2 years time and may even get worst.

Will people feel happy, no! Will they blame the chancellor, yes! 

The Chancellor can and will blame the previous government, but it probably wont help because no one supports or like George Osborne. Most people can dislike someone and respect the job they are doing. But, if the dislike and think what you’re doing is a joke then you have a problem.

The only way he could have won people over was hitting his target or coming close that people would say ”….well he was not far wrong was he….?

Plus ,he is not seen as fair, which as has been recently proved in the USA elections 2012, is not quite a winning strategy  So George Osborne will always be open to the charge as not nice and very dim, ouch! Can Cameron win the next general election with George Osborne as a ‘human shield’ against doubts of his own leadership? This is a difficult question to answer, but it is clear that this is David Cameron’s tactic.

If David Cameron win the next election then he would truly have done well. The Liberal Democrats – the partners in government, are truly dead in the water with no direction or means for survival. They will give it a go but I cannot see how the Liberal Democrats can persuade enough people that they are worth supporting. The Liberal Democrats look to be drawing dead!