Too Scared Of Full Tilt

Full Tilt Poker

Fair play to them they are giving it a go, but I wont be joining up to soon. Why? Well it has not got enough incentive to join. Basically they need to pay me to join and so far there is nothing there that gives me free money. So why should I go out of my way to give them money? 

It may be hard but they are in a mess and so they need to give me stuff for me to increase there numbers. Call it capitalism on weak steroids as FTP try to become the poker site of choice it once was. It makes some small offers but nothing that say ”I really do want your custom, please”. They should beg like a dog looking for a lick of ice cream.

In the past I was like the John The Baptist for online poker.  believed fervently that online poker was a source of good stuff. That not only could you win/.make money but you could also create a new world where humans can have the right to gamble like true capitalist and the market would rectify any anomalies such as casino fraud, shady poker sites etc. 

Sadly, this has not come to pass. In fact online poker has slowly becoming a massive problem area where the need to build in regulations that are trans-national and global, are in place. From being the John the Baptist to Eric Hoffer for online poker in less than two years is quite an achievement, and, Full Tilt are the ‘poster boy’ for this disillusionment.

Eric Hoffer came up with the classic quote for any mass movement. He said “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” I maybe stretching the point a bit, but I did think that online poker and gambling in general could take the place of casino banking and be the legitimate place for rampant capitalism. It would need the strong arm of American regulation and therefore standardize behaviour across the globe.

However, it seems the puritanical wing of US thinking is once again rearing its head to limit US involvement in online poker giving ‘fly by night'[ online poker firms a green light to carry on with their semi-moral practices. I do not put Full Tilt in this negative bracket, but neither will I go out of my way to re-join them unless they make it really worth my while.