Making Stuff Up

Lance Armstrong and Oprah Winfrey

Lance Armstrong and Oprah Winfrey doing the interview

Achilleas Kallakis, Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o all live in another world! They managed to get the world to believe that they had a something that we all want and we wanted to believe them, Now it seems that we were duped and in a way we all feel let down when the truth came out.

Achilleas Kallakis was on the face of it a property tycoon who played fearless poker and ran a business that apparently made loads of money and was the height of respectability. Achilleas Kallakis won over a £1 million playing poker and was on loads of TV poker programs so was well known to the poker community. The only problem was that he was a con man and fraudster. His massive empire collapsed to the tune of £790 million and he is now serving a  7 year sentence along with his partner in crime Alex Williams.

How he manage to to this was due to the old problem of bankers greed. They saw Achilleas Kallakis as a way of generating money fast and Achilleas Kallakis helped them with their belief, and got to live the highlife and that’s why he was so good at poker as he had no fear. Well if you can stiff the ‘Masters of the Universe’ playing a game of poker  is a piece of cake.

At the same time Lance Armstrong is confessing all to Oprah Winfrey – the saint of the TV confessionals. Lance Armstrong dominated cycle racing for years and he survived cancer to win some more plaudits. Again it was all convenient except now the sports drug enforcer has declared Lance Armstrong a cheat, after many witnesses said he more than enabled the process of doping to happen. How the mighty have fallen? 

Finally the really strange tale of  Manti Te’o and his imaginary girlfriend! This is a ongoing story about a gridiron footballer who mourned the death of his girlfriend who died on the same day as his grandmother. The only problem being is his grandmother exist but his girlfriend was a complete fiction. Later it appeared it was a online relationship therefore making her a ‘virtual’ girlfriend but, now it seems even that was made up. This story is going to destroy the guy unless he seeks help really quickly.