More Kate Middleton Pictures


 Here we go again! More pictures of Kate Middleton and William Windsor (or The Duchess and Duke of Cambridgeshire as they are collectively known) pregnancy. If you do not want pictures taken of you why go on holiday where the Royals have been known to hang out, and, then go on a public beach where people have mobile phones with cameras in?

Still this will take the mind of horse in burgers and donkey in kebabs stories which are slowly becoming a wake up call to the consumer that they are being ripped off by everyone from supermarkets to banks, from water companies to electricity companies. Enjoy!

Here are some  jokes 

So Kate Middleton is pregnant..
I thought that it was government policy to discourage people who don’t work from having kids?

Kate Middleton’s dress has brought tears to the eyes of countless children across the world;
….as they are forced to work extra hours to make sure the replicas are available in Primark from Monday.

Upon the publication of photos which show Kate Middleton topless, The Queen was heard saying, “What the hell are you doing in the bathroom Philip? You sound like you’re having an asthma attack.”

So, Prince William dropped his chopper into Kate Middleton’s backyard the other day.
I’m sure there’s a double entendre there somewhere but I just can’t see it.

Looking at the papers today at Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge in her bikini, I was thinking why the hell can’t they leave her alone….
….but then I realised it WAS Pancake Day yesterday after all!

Just seen the pictures of Kate Middleton on the beach. Reminded me of two pancakes, and a bun in the oven…..