Richard Briers Dies Of Lung Cancer


Richard Briers

Richard Briers (14 January 1934 – 17 February 2013.)

 Richard Briers dies from lung cancer after a long illness. He was the star in Cockneys v Zombies (a very funny if under-rated film), Ever Decreasing Circles, Monarch Of The Glen and famously the ever repeated The Good Life.

He was a massive smoker and stated that he smoked over half a million cigarettes before giving up in 2003. It was smoking which he blamed for his lung cancer, which begs the question why is anyone including me continuing to smoke? A product that if you use correctly is designed to kill you. A sort of suicide while contributing to the coffers of drug dealers, willingly!

Richard Briers is related to that other quintessential English comedian Terry Thomas and like him he presented an image of cynicism without the ugliness.

Richard Briers leaves a wife and two daughters.